About Us

About Jyoti Group of Colleges :-

Jyoti Group of College, Patna is such an institution that imparts training to the unemployed youths under the banner of National Skill Development Corporation, Skill India, Leela’s Foundation and under the local monitoring of US Foundation.

Goal Jyoti Group of Colleges :-

To find the ‘Goal’ of Gross National Happiness(GNP) for the youths of our society along with Gross Regional Happiness (GRH).

Objectives :-

  • To develop skill among unemployed youths.
  • To encourage the poors and dippressed people on economic platform.
  • To impower them for working on the basis of skill development.
  • To improver the economic status of poors and unemployed people.
  • To transform unemployed youths into employed youths.

Strategies :-

  • To provide para-medical training to unemployed youths.
  • to impart employment oriented training to unemployed youths.

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